Velux Transforming Dark

Let daylight transform your home

Velux Manifest

Light is there for the taking
Sunrise to sunset
Ready to make us live better
Work better
Feel better
Open your eyes
Your roofs
And see the possibilities
With a little imagination daylight can transform your space
VELUX. Transforming spaces.

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"Today, when you enter the family room, you immediately get the feeling of light and air. You feel the ceiling is higher (than the 2.5 metres) that it actually is. There’s a fantastic light in the room that you just want to stay in. It plays nicely with the 1970s woodwork around the windows and patio door, that gives the house some character in a completely different way than if it had been a new build. It has really become our dream home."

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"The stairwell always felt enclosed. The solution with the two side-by-side roof windows resulted in a significant increase in light, which is amazing but also a height that meant the stairwell was actually fit for modern living.”

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“We come down in the morning and the light just floods, doesn’t it! It is still quite a shock to really see it. We are still getting used to it; from what we had to what we have now. It is one of the best spaces in the house!”

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"The light was the driving force behind the entire design, because it was a beautiful room, but it was dark and cheerless. VELUX roof windows are fantastic building blocks with which to create space, because you can open part of the roof up to the sky. And these are building blocks that are very, very easy to understand. It's just a matter of how much light you want to bring in, and where you want it. We created morning light and we created afternoon light. We brought light in, and we created outdoor space."

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